Thursday, January 12, 2012

Healdsburg : The Gardener

My favorite garden/home store is  The Gardener in Berkeley. I finally had a chance to visit their Healdsburg location last year and was not disappointed. This is the only location that has a garden and it was well worth a visit.

Sunflowers will definitely be on the plant list after seeing these. I could have spent hours wandering down these paths.

I just came across these images again and it made me pine for summer in the wine country. The ball sculptures were all over the site, they would really make a modern statement in an edible garden.

Hidden paths made by sunflowers and pots would be another nice idea to try.

The outdoor lounge areas were equally inspiring. A little sculpture, some old furniture all bordered by greenery.

This was my favorite spot of all: the outdoor fireplace made modern with the addition of two bright red chairs. It doesn't take much to make a space inviting.

Of course, it never hurts to add a hammock!

Or some amazing sculpture. One can dream, though.

The Gardener has three locations: Healdsburg, Berkeley and San Francisco. The Healdsburg store is closed through January 31st but is usually open every day through spring and summer.


  1. these ball sculptures are amazing! Does your daughter enjoy gardening?

  2. She does, Alicia. Although she is just starting to understand all the work that goes into it too!