Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fruit Trees!

One of the really appealing things about this property was the sheer number of fruit trees that had been planted by the previous owners. As we toured the property as potential buyers I knew that there were quite a few. But after buying the property we had the chance to walk around with the previous owners while they pointed out all of them and told us all the varieties. I hastily wrote things down as we wandered from tree to tree.

Here's the list:

A sixty year old cherry sits proudly on one side of the lawn. Cherry trees aren't supposed to do well in this area and this one isn't looking so beautiful anymore but apparently it still produces lots of tasty fruit. I just hope we can get to them before the birds do.

Golden Delicious apple
Fuji apple

White peach (I love white peaches and have a hard time finding them in markets here)
Yellow peach
Italian Plum

Santa Rosa Weeping Plum
Canning Plum (these grow all over the county but are great for canning)
Black Jack Fig
2 Lemon trees
Orange (more like a bush)
Fuji apple
Golden Delicious apple
Pear (perhaps a Comice or Bosc)

Asian Pear
Kumquat (a teeny, tiny one with no fruit yet)
Fuyu persimmon (also small and not sure how it will do)
3 Grape vines
Blackberry bushes (not a tree, obviously, but they're all entangled in the trees)

There is enough of everything for our small family plus extra to share with friends. It's better than an orchard of one variety. And they're all fruiting! It usually take about four years before you see a yield and we're coming in around year six. The oranges are almost ripe now, just a few more weeks and we can start harvesting those. And a few lemons are ripe too.

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