Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The long weekend.

We were able to spend four days at the cottage this past weekend. It was a tad too chilly for my liking but we have a 90% working kitchen so I didn't mind staying inside a bit more this time. My dream stove was installed, I can't wait to start stirring batches of jam on it. I ordered lots of Weck jars and picked up a canning book at our local bookstore. In the meantime, I cooked up lots of our produce from the garden.

As soon as I arrived Thursday afternoon, I got right to work digging out the old garlic bed to lay down gopher wire. I now have a place to safely grow all of my tomatoes and parsley. I plan to slowly replace the raised beds throughout the rest of the year, shifting some around now that I have a better feel for the garden.

The apples are starting to redden on the trees. I'm waiting for the June drop before I thin these. I'm curious to see how much these trees self-prune.

We spent some time riding our bikes around town for some wine tasting a lunch or two out. After twenty-two years, I upgraded my bike. My posture was terrible on the old bike and I just didn't feel safe riding it as it never felt balanced to me. This one is a dream ride.

We love to ride on the Sonoma Bike Path past The Patch. Just beyond, there's a charming little cottage that I'm always admiring. Hidden behind the olive trees are raised bed veggie garden using metal troughs. It all looks out onto vineyards and the bike path. Hmmm, maybe we should paint our house this color?

Soon, we'll be able to spend longer weekends here once summer arrives and school is out. There's lots to do in the garden, so it will be nice to have more than two days a week to work on it.

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